Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Not yo momma's granny squares...

Little secret of mine: I am new to crocheting. I have always sworn off the crochet hook, and preferred the ease of knitting needles to accompany my stash of yarn...

That is until I saw a picture of a granny square blanket I loved so much I could practically picture the kitschy wonder laying gracefully on my couch ready for cuddling. So, I watched this YouTube Video, first watching carefully, second using the pause and play method, and made one wonky little square (no I am not sharing that picture!). I kept practicing and soon cracked the crochet code and was "hooked". Here was my first crochet blanket ever- made for a special little baby boy arriving soon!

I love the result, and it was so much fun to make- each round was easier and easier to crochet.

So then I moved on to multiple squares, which was very fun and portable, but WOW it was time consuming weaving in extra yarn and using the joining method to attach them all to a blanket.

It was so worth the three months of work and wait.

Below is my third blanket I am working on. Recognize the pattern from the blog?!

For this blanket, instead of piecing together all of the squares, I am just doing one MAMMOTH square to use on top of my queen sized bed. It is already so cozy and the colors are so quirky, I want to make another to bring to my always-freezing office.

First, I selected the yarn, which is called "I LOVE this yarn" at Hobby Lobby. It is so inexpensive, soft, washable and downright awesome. I highly recommend it as it makes for easy quick crocheting.

Then, I started working out my color scheme, which I am crushing on pretty bad.

So here I am at 2 weeks in, trying to do a round a night...(while watching Days of Our Lives!)
I will update the size in comparison to my bed soon...Hopefully by winter this beauty will be keeping me extra warm!

SPECIAL NOTE: Don't be surprised if you get something made out of a granny square this year for the holidays. I have a running list of all the items I hope to create with these lil beauties so hopefully you love them as much as I do!

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