Monday, August 19, 2013

Quick Crafts with Big Results #1: Button Magnets

People often ask me "How do you find the time to get crafty?" Funny, I really don't know where my time comes from or goes most days, but I find planning ahead and choosing projects I know I can tackle and finish quickly usually helps.

When it comes to my kids, crafts are something we do regularly to bond, share a laugh, and make some great accent pieces for our apartment. The only wrench in the plan is they usually lose focus after a short amount of time, so crafts have to be easy enough for a 3 and 5 year old, while still producing brag-worthy results.

This craft is a definite favorite of mine, as it is very shabby chic, involves upcycling, and is made of things any one already has on hand.

To make these great little gifts, all you need is:
-Buttons in various sizes, colors, shapes and materials
-Elmer's School Glue (If you wanted to make these more "adult" you can use a glue gun, but I like that the girls can glue these themselves and they worked perfectly fine!)
-Craft magnets (Found at any craft store or on

1. Gather the buttons and select your favorites.


2. Use a small dot of glue on the back of the button, taking care not to put too much glue on the button as it will seep through the button holes. (A cotton swab with a little water does a great job of cleaning up any excess glue)

3. Gently apply the magnet to the back of the button and apply a bit of pressure.

4. Pick up the button magnet by the button and place on a tray, leave overnight to dry.
5. After 12 hours, lift the item by the magnet to ensure it is on securely.

6. Bask in your crafty glow as you set the magnets on your refrigerator.

I love the idea of making a bunch for a housewarming wrapped up all fancy in an old fashioned sewing tin, or sending a few to a grandparent with some ready-to-hang artwork...Enjoy!

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