Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Quick Crafts With Big Results #3: Rock Photo Holders

On a recent trip to Cape Cod, many sandcastles, sun tans and memories were made.

We stayed on the bay side in Brewster, where Sara discovered and named "Rock Beach"....

The girls took home a bounty of rocks of all shapes, colors and sizes, and it became a source of inspiration for DIY.

Here is how to make some really easy photo holders to remember any trip by...

You will need:
Assorted rocks
Cloth Stem Wire found here

1. Take the rocks and rinse them clean. Allow to dry completely.

2. Choosing a rock, wrap the wire around the base.

3. Snip wire to desired length, taking in to account 1-2 inches for the coil.

4. Use a pen to make a coil by wrapping it around the base of the pen.

5. Slide photo in and bask in your new photo holder! EASY!

Make a bunch for presents, or layer them for a nice display.


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