Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Pumpkin Patch Cupcakes!

Happy October 1st!

Let the pumpkin overdose begin! (or continue....if you started in September, like me!)

These easy cupcakes can be made with homemade mix from a recipe (see below) or store bought mix. (I'll never tell if you skip the homemade step!)

Either way, here is how to shape, frost and stem your pumpkins. They will be the cutest pumpkins in the patch at any Fall party!

You will need:
-your favorite pumpkin cupcake recipe (want mine? message me!)
-cupcake liners
-aluminum foil
-orange cupcake icing
-box of pretzel stix

1. Line a cupcake tray with liners.

2. Roll 12 foil balls the size of a penny, and insert in the cupcake liner as shown to create a dent for the pumpkin shape.

3. Fill your mix 3/4 of the way, and bake as your recipe deems necessary.

4. Take the cupcakes out to cool completely.

5. Insert 1/2 of a pretzel stick in each pumpkin in the indent. See it?

How cute is this?!?!?!

6. Ice lines for the pumpkin look, or fill in the whole cupcake with icing....or make jack-o-lanterns!


7. Bask in your super fall craftiness and enjoy one...or two!

Xo's and long live Fall!

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