Saturday, January 11, 2014

DIY Smoking Loafers: A DIY anyone can do. Promise.

This is a DIY that takes less than 30 seconds to do from start to finish. Seriously.

I got inspired by the idea after seeing these smoking loafers for $400 by Stubbs and Wootton and thought- wow, this would be really easy to do with an iron on patch.

Gather your materials:
I found these great simple black velvet smoking loafers from JCPenney- extremely cost effective for my experiment and perfectly on trend in the black velvet.

Next, I went on Etsy and searched for fun and interesting vintage patches. Make sure the patches have the iron on adhesive, otherwise they will not work for this project.

Skulls and crossbones were the perfect pick, because it allowed me to do a mommy and me match up with a pair of Ralph Lauren baby smoking loafers I saw online! Hello perfect pressie!!!

Here is the rocket science behind this DIY:

Take your shoes and line up your patch exactly where you want it to go.

With an iron set to the highest setting, and the steam function turned off, press the patch gently for a few seconds so it adheres slightly.

Now that you have ensured it is in the right place, cover the shoe with a towel and press the iron again, this time holding for 10-15 seconds.

Check to ensure the patch is fully adhered, with a special concentration on any corners.

Allow to cool completely. DONE!

Check out how cute these look next to the mini me pair!!!

Here are some other ideas to do...

-Horoscope patches for a friend's birthday

-Initials on each foot- or maybe even "MOM" :)

-Vintage patches like these I found on the cheap!

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