Sunday, January 26, 2014

Kid Crafting: "Frozen" Inspired Heartflakes

Emma and Sara love a good craft session. They have finally mastered cutting straight and curved lines with scissors and are obsessed with the movie Frozen, so this craft was right up their alley.

In order to make paper snowflakes and heartflakes, you will need:
Assorted printed origami paper in valentines colors- try these
a pen or marker
(tape to hang them)

Fold your paper into a triangle 3 times.

Then, fold over the smaller end into the larger end, as shown.

Mark the paper like this, then cut.

Open up and SURPRISE! A heartflake has appeared!

Paper cutting is such a simple yet rewarding craft for kids....the girls call it "cutting magic".

Here, I simply went freestyle and cut hearts into the paper for a unique effect. There are no rules to paper snowflakes! Have fun with it!

Have fun trying them out on your own. You can hang on a window or even make paper valentines with them. We chose to decorate our door.

To really WOW the kiddos, you can use a cut out and place it on a cake. Then, sift powdered sugar on top of it, then quickly remove the paper.
The powdered sugar will leave the imprint on the cake... Easy and awesome DIY extra!

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