Monday, April 7, 2014

Package Pals March 2014: What I sent!

Have you heard of Package Pals? If  you are crafty, you need to be in the know. C.R.A.F.T. partners up crafters and you spend the month learning about one another. Then, at the end of the month, crafty pals exchange some hand made goodness.

My craft buddy, Krystal, who writes her own blog at, recently bought a house and her excellent husband let her paint the kitchen in her favorite color, turquoise. Krystal is an aspiring cook, loves to bake cookies and loves to craft wreaths, holiday gear and more around the house.

My crafty package to her focused on her love of color and the kitchen. Here are the details of my DIY love.

I made Krystal a tote bag from vintage turquoise fabric my grandmother gave me that I sewed so she can carry her projects around in. Inside, I included some vintage button magnets I made, and my favorite recipe cards by Rifle Paper Co. Krystal has been toying around with recipes by Rachel Ray and more, so this way, the ones most loved by her hubby can be saved in a chic way.

Next, I decided to use the colors in Krystal's home and make some hand stamped tea towels.

I used a lemon (turquoise), potato (cut into pink and green triangles) and a celery stalk (stamped in navy and orange). Once you stamp the towels, be sure to allow to dry completely, then place in dryer for 15 minutes. Then press the towels with an iron. The paint will be heat-set, and will wash and wear nicely!

I cant wait to see what the mailman brings me from Krystal!!!

Hope you decide to try Package Pals next time they open the submission pool!

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