Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Cricut Creating: Tie Dye and DIY Beach Bag

Let's face it, everyone needs a cute beach bag for your essentials: Sunscreen, steamy book, sunglasses, beach towel and snacks. This easy DIY is so stinking cute it makes me wish I had more vacation days planned....

To make one similar, you will need:

1 cotton tote bag
rubber bands
SEI Tumble Dye
Cricut Explore machine
Cricut Iron On vinyl in Gold Glitter

1. Start by wrapping your tote bag in rubber bands after accordion folding it to set the tie-dye effect. No need to iron out wrinkles here- the more inconsistencies in the fabric, the better!

2. Wet the tote bag so the color absorbs fully.

2. On a newspaper lined surface, spray a well-shaken bottle of Tumble Dye (mine is "mint" color) all over the tote bag.

3. Cut rubber bands and lay flat. Allow to dry overnight. Heat set in a dryer on high for 20 minutes to permanently set.

4. Print your phrase on your Cricut Explore, using the mirror effect so you can iron it on.

5. Iron on your tote bag and get to packing! The sun is out!!


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